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At Mind and Body Yoga Institute, Manali organises a range of training programs like Toddler Yoga, Power Yoga, Artistic Yoga, Fitness Yoga, Medical Yoga for adults, Aerobics and Competitive Yoga along with yoga certification courses. She is the first Yoga teacher in Pune to have started training young children in the art of Yoga Belle / Artistic Yoga, a form of yoga where groups perform a routine to display complicated and rhythmic yoga postures choreographed with a musical background score.

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This is Mind & Body Yoga Institute

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Healing is a process occuring in the body continuosly. Science of Yoga, dealing at body, mind & cognition level helps for maintainance of Health.

    Exercise offers fitness, which makes body strong & efficient.
    Absenteeism due to health problems is minimized.
  • YOGA At Home
    Going ahead by a step, YOGA At Home For Patients.

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This is Mind & Body Yoga Institute, Pune
This is Mind & Body Yoga Institute

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