Parivrtta Trikonasana

Take proper distance in both the legs. Turn your left foot towards the left side and touch your right palm on the ground near your left foot. Stretch your left hand upwards. Remember to breath normally and do the asana slowly. This asana can be done on both left as well as right side. The benefits of this asana are proper blood circulation, relief from back ache and increase in the flexibility of the spine and lower back.


Dhanurasana gives you various benefits like relief from indigestion and gastric troubles. It also improves the blood circulation of the legs specifically the thighs. It reduces back ache and increases the flexibility of the spine.
The procedure of doing Dhanurasana is as follows:
Lay down on your stomach, bend your legs and hold the ankle with your hand. Raise your thighs, chest and head up and try to balance on your stomach. Breath normally. The people who have undergone any operation of the stomach, or have problems like Hernia, Colitis are instructed not to do this asana.


Bharadvajasana gives a good twist to your back. It is done by first sitting with both the legs in front, then bending the legs and placing them at the back in the left or right side. After that one should twist to the opposite side in which the legs are placed with hands on the knees. If there is any disorder of the neck then this asana should be done without turning the neck. This asana gives relief from back pain and helps in recovering from Arthritis, Diabetis, gas trouble and acidity.


Lay down on your stomach. Place both the hands near your body. Touch your chin on the floor. Then lift any one of your leg and sustain the posture. Repeat the same procedure with another leg. Remember not to bend your leg and also breathe normally. This asana gives pressure on the stomach and back. People suffering from Hernia, Gynaec problems are suggested to take doctors advice before practicing this asana.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana is done by sitting down and placing your left leg near your right leg. (Remember to bend both the legs). Then hold your left leg with your right hand hear the ankle and twist your body to the left side. Place the left hand on the floor or on your back. Point the chin towards your left shoulder. Repeat the same same procedure for doing the asana from the opposite side. The benefits of this asan are that it makes your spine flexible, helps to reduce Diabetes, Indigestion and gas trouble.


Chakrasana gives a good stretch to the muscles of the back, chest, stomach and thigh. While performing chakrasana lie down on back, bends both the hands and legs and rests them on the floor. After that lift the body upwards by giving pressure on the feet and palm. One should remember to do this asana very steadily. Breathing must be normal.


Lie down on the back. Then fold your both legs. Hold your legs with your hands and rest them on your stomach. Lift your head and try touch it to your knees. After completeing the asana you would feel a slight pressure on your stomach. People suffering from disorders of the neck and high blood pressure should do this asana without lifting your neck. The benefits of this asana are relief from back pain and gastric troubles.


Bhujangasan also known as snake pose is an asan with various benefits. The procedure of Bhujangasan is to sleep on the stomach, rest your palms near the shoulders and lift your upper body followed by inhaling the air. This asan can be done by joining both the legs or keeping distance between them. While realeasing the asan are should exhale the air and come to the normal position. This asan helps reduce indigesation, acidity, gas trouble, back ache and increases flexibility.
The person who have undergone any operation of the stomach are suggested to consult a doctor before practicing this asana.